Creating the Next Top-Tier Life Sciences Incubation Platform

Founded in 2021 with $300M backed by CBC Group, Asia’s largest healthcare-dedicated investment firm. We are headquartered in the Boston area with a global reach to all major life sciences hubs to access cutting-edge innovation.

ABio-X was founded to rapidly create global companies with innovative medicines and technologies targeting unmet medical needs across a variety of indications. ABio-X incubates member companies and makes investments into companies, with each having its own product portfolio and leadership team driving key decision making.

Flexibility in capital deployment

  • Open to most therapeutic areas, investment sizes, and stages
  • Targeting assets with near term value inflection points
  • Looking at both known and novel mechanisms of action

ABio-X’s focus for new company creation

  • Asset assembly
  • Founders with strong track records
  • Spin-offs from biotech/pharma
  • Joint ventures
  • Catalyst-driven financings

Decentralized structure

We staff our member companies with experienced entrepreneurs and leaders and empower them to drive key decisions, removing many of the hurdles associated with conventional incubators and venture capital firms.

Through this structure, our member companies can act nimbly to quickly progress their pipeline programs towards the next milestone.

With ABio-X providing certain R&D and G&A functions, we allow our executives to focus on what really matters: progressing their pipelines to help patients in need. We assist our member companies to grow at their own pace, supporting them when needed, every step of the way.

Our full suite of differentiating end-to-end value-add services

We have built an extensive network of experienced operators and key opinion leaders covering all major therapeutic areas and operational functionalities who have demonstrated successes; allowing ABio-X member companies to potentially reach meaningful milestones faster via streamlined, cost-effective operations.

Our team has successfully progressed multiple drugs from discovery through commercial success globally. We have excelled on the capital markets stage, overseeing financings from seed rounds to successful IPOs, leading transformative acquisitions and beyond.

Creating synergies across the ABio-X ecosystem

We facilitate and encourage communication between our member companies to explore differing capabilities that may be beneficial.

Seamless access to additional talent and innovation helps our member companies succeed.